Lots of people come to Mountain Creek for a fun filled day playing and relaxing by the river!  Things to do around the resort are:

Come try out our new 320 ft. water slide.

-Rent tubes or kayaks to float around the resort.  All rentals require photo ID.

-Wooden playground for kids!-

Games & Sports: Volleyball, basketball, horseshoes & more! The mountain creek owners and staff love to stay cool and have fun with there guests.


-Enjoy swimming holes and spacious gravel bars. Relax and enjoy the scenery while the kids splash around.

-From hummingbirds to great blue herons, turtles and beavers to deer, there is always an abundance of wildlife to be seen.

-Less than 30 minute drive to Bennett Springs State Park, Ha Ha Tonka State Park, and Lake of the Ozarks.

-Paintball & two golf courses within 20 minutes

-Award-winning fishing!!

C-The beautiful Niangua River features 30 miles of clear, cold, beautiful, spring-fed water that stays 58-60 degrees year round. It is stocked regularly with brown and rainbow trout. Smallmouth bass are taken up to 4 pounds.

-A wide variety of very large fish can be caught in our private, spring that runs through the campground and into the river.







Groups just canoeing that rent 6 or more canoes take 10% off! Military, Police, Fire Fighters and Church groups get a 10% discount! Mountain Creek offers half-day, full-day, and multiple-day floats! Spend as much or as little time as you want on the river!!The clear, cool waters of the spring-fed Niangua River offer outdoor entertainment for floaters of all types. Pick one of the abundant swimming holes to splash in, enjoy a picnic on a beautiful gravel bar or spend your days fishing the waters that are stocked with trout and full of bass and other varieties. All of Mountain Creek’s float trips start downriver from Bennett Spring, so you never have to worry about the river running too low.  Spring, fall and weekday float trips offer the most privacy.

Float Trips

call 417-426-5641 to reserve your boats.

Single Day Floats:

Families and others can enjoy a single day of floating on the calm waters and camp with conveniences or rent cabins at our beautiful riverfront resort. Our experienced staff will make the trip carefree for everyone. Also, you don‘t have to worry about waiting for a bus at the end of the day. Both of our single-day floats end right at Mountain Creek, where you can get cleaned up, have a campfire dinner  and enjoy an evening under the stars.

Bennett Springs to Mountain Creek 11.5 miles (5-7 hours average). Buses leave at 8 & 10 am.

Barclay Conservation Area to Mountain Creek 4.5 miles (2-4 hours average) Buses leave at 10 am

Multiple Day Floats: Experienced floaters and fisherman will especially enjoy our multiple day floats in which you can choose a campground or secluded gravel bar to spend the night at. Downriver from us, you can venture into a less populated stretch of the Niangua River where fish are plentiful and people are not.

Longer floats (up to 4 days) are possible. Please call for prices and possibilities.

Reservation/Deposit Policy: A deposit of $20.00 is required for each canoe reserved in advance. The deposit confirms your reservation, and will be refunded upon request only if we are notified of a cancellation TEN DAYS BEFORE your floating date.

Prices are subject to change.

NO glass is allowed on the river or at Mountain Creek! Please do not litter! The river is cleaned periodically by volunteers, but they cannot preserve the pristine beauty of it without your help. Trash bags are available, and we supply a place to deposit them at the end of your float trip. The Missouri State Water Patrol patrols these waters, waiting to give tickets for anything illegal. Glass on the river is illegal. If you see property marked with purple paint, it means NO TRESPASSING!

Equipment Damage: Please treat our canoes, kayaks and equipment with the same respect as if they were your own. Normal wear and tear is accepted on canoes and equipment. Accidental damage will be assessed at a reasonable cost. Intentional damage to or loss of canoes and equipment will be charged at the current value of the canoe and equipment prior to damage. Under normal circumstances, any person should be able to complete the float in the expected time. If we have to pick up you or your boat, an additional $25.00 fee is required, plus $1.00 per road mile one way.

Rules of the River: As a participant in any water sport, you have responsibilities. You should always show courtesy to your fellow floaters, so that everyone can enjoy their day with friends and family. Be aware, as with any sport, there is some inherent risk that personal awareness and commonsense can reduce. Although the Niangua River is relatively calm, these are pointers you should know when floating any river. 1. Stay with your overturned boat if possible. It has flotation material in it and will help you stay afloat until you reach shallow water. 2. Wear life preservers, especially in water where capsizing is possible. Small children and non- swimmers should always wear preservers. 3. Never stand up in the canoe unless absolutely necessary. 4. Don’t grab or hold fixed objects (limbs, rocks, vines, etc.) while moving in swift water. This is one of the easiest ways to capsize. 5. If your canoe becomes lodged against an object in a swift current, lean toward the object and with the flow of the current. Try to work your canoe along and around the object. Never push directly away from the obstruction. 6. Swim with an undertow if overturned. It will bring you back to the surface in a matter of seconds. 7. When you reach water you believe may be unsafe, always beach your boat and look it over carefully. If you decide to run it, plan your route. 8. Currents are always stronger than they look. Never underestimate them. 9. Learn to heed natural danger signals. Learn to read the water, its current, flow direction and other natural hazards. 10. Always distribute weight and gear evenly for a safe and comfortable trip. 11. When camping carry canoes to a high point or to the upper side of the campground.

We cannot assume responsibility for personal injury, medical payments or property loss or damage. You will be asked to acknowledge this by signing a liability waiver before the outing begins.